There’s no second chance to make a first impression. Packaging should be captivating and multifunctional. Graphic design and branding should inspire, finishing and feel fascinate. These artistic components must be supported by a concept that makes packaging safe and sustainable, and the process chain efficient. Many requirements? No worries, we’ve got it covered! The Kurz Group combines a wide range of experience with extensive, cross-industry expertise.

Surface Finishing for Paper and Cardboard Packaging

The POS is all about catching eyes. Packaging that boasts a sophisticated surface and brilliant design attracts attention, stands out, and stimulates customer impulse to buy. Our rich variety of designs grabs attention:

  • Metallic effects and holographic/3D effects
  • Transparent effects and haptic relief effects

We can finish any type of paper and cardboard packaging - and we offer specific methods to turn both straightforward and rough or absorbent surfaces into durable works of art. With the added bonus of sustainability.


Breathtaking! Impress with a sensual product experience sporting 3D reliefs and captivating haptics at the POS from hot stamping, cold or digital transfer.


Shape your style! Discover our high-precision stamping tools and workpiece holders to transform your packaging into masterpieces featuring haptic design effects.

Surface Finishing for Plastic Packaging

Rise above the competition with surface-finished plastic packaging and tubes. Does your product packaging have a round, smooth surface? Or other shapes that are complicated to decorate? Are you looking for an alternative to lamination? Then we should meet! Our finishing will turn your product range into real eye-catchers.

Whether cosmetics, storage, or other product packaging made of plastic or glass, finished surfaces not only add value, but make your products resistant to chemical substances, oil, grease, and smudges.


Flexible! inLINE FOILING® is the answer to complex decoration requirements for tubes and conical products, and can be combined with screen, flexographic, and digital printing.

Security Solutions for Packaging

Protection and security create trust: Give your customers the assurance that they can rely on your company and your products. We can help you with this! Self-adhesive security labels, for instance, protect original products and immediately reveal unauthorized opening. There are many secure options:

  • Security labels as mechanical seals for packaging
  • Visual security features to secure the supply chain
  • Track and trace functions
  • Sustainable security labels made from recycled paper or plastic

Your packaging furthermore can be playfully expanded to combine with marketing campaigns. KURZ’s security labels guide people to apps, competitions, and value-added services, for example.

KURZ Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Encoded! Reliable security labeling with thermotransfer and coding foils for food, pharmaceutical products, spare parts, and other products.


Sure thing! Protect your brand products against counterfeiting and manipulation with proprietary security features, such as holograms with unique effects.

Machine Solutions for Packaging

Can a machine create works of art? Absolutely! We have finishing machines for every application. No matter what your current process looks like, we supply you with a tailor-made machine to offer your customers multifunctional added value from state-of-the-art surface finishing. Nothing stands between the smooth integration of our customizable packaging solutions into your production line.

  • Hot stamping
  • Cold transfer for sheet-fed printing
  • Digital transfer for sheet-fed printing

Even if you wish to produce high quantities or very specific, high-quality special editions, we are your partner and are flexible in adapting our solution to your wishes.

Packaging with a Focus on Sustainability

We didn’t just start thinking about tomorrow, yesterday. As far back as 50 years ago and long before government regulations, our daily business already included conservation of resources, energy saving, minimizing the use of hazardous substances, and emission protection. ‘Sustainable thinking - sustainable actions’ is our motto. Our surface finishes are demonstrably deinkable and compostable. We ensure the recyclability of your packaging along the entire value chain, in benefit of the environment and your competitive edge.

360° Lifecycle Thinking - Our Four-Step Sustainability Process

  • End Product: No PET film and no hazardous components find their way into our packaging finishes, enabling straightforward recycling
  • Application Process: Dry and emission-free process, no wet coatings involved, minimum application energy required
  • Manufacturing Process: No wastewater generation during coating, 100% exhaust air disposal with energy recovery, stamping foil production at minimum CO2 value
  • Production Residue: No hazardous waste, PET take-back initiative, material recycling concepts and initiatives

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Graphic: LEONHARD KURZ & 360° Lifecycle Thinking