VOID labels, digital seals, security printing on both sides, special barcodes, tamper-proof holograms, and the unique KINEGRAM® system - these high-tech security innovations could well be futuristic development ideas from a James Bond film. Yet they’re from KURZ, not from Q - and they’re already in use.

Product and Brand Protection

Protection against Counterfeits, Protection against Loss of Revenue

Brand manufacturers can’t stand counterfeiters, product pirates, and plagiarism pros. They not only affect sales, but unsettle end customers and sometimes even endanger their health. Our designs give you the peace of mind you need. Because we have the solution - completely flexible in terms of form and functionality. Whether labels with multicolor UV printing, VOID effect, or holographic intricacies - reliable protection is ensured, along with impressive visual added value.

  • Reliable counterfeit protection
  • Security along the entire supply chain
  • Highly efficient security features
  • Self-adhesive security labels in many forms
  • Serialization and security printing
  • Mechanical, visual, and digital protection

Our security labels are quickly and easily integrated into existing process chains, turning supply chain security into child’s play for you - but an unsurmountable obstacle for plagiarists.


Sure thing! Protect your brand products against counterfeiting and manipulation with proprietary security features featuring holograms with unique effects.

Spot on! Make your products counterfeit-proof with security labels and digital tools, and find out where counterfeit products crop up.


Informational! Get the latest news on trends and developments in the security sector here.

Straight to the Newsroom

Labeling Protection via Thermal Transfer

Conversion of numerous substrates at high speed, sharp edges, and consistent print results of variable data. As a surface design expert, we have revolutionized thermal transfer printing and elevated ribbons to a new evolutionary stage. Three different security levels allow us to respond to the individual requirements of our customers in the most efficient way, and with minimal effort.

Security Solutions for Tax Stamps

Whether tobacco packets, perfume bottles, or pharmaceuticals, counterfeit-proof tax stamps not only support a functioning economic system by protecting tax revenues, they act as a seal of authenticity, protecting end consumers from inferior imitations. Our customizable modular security system ensures added value for all parties involved: From production throughout the supply chain all the way to consumers.

  • Secure tax revenue
  • No chance for counterfeits
  • Protection against gray market activities and refilling
  • Security for your brand and your image
  • Smart solution consisting of physical and digital elements (TRUSTCODE®)
  • Transparency for the tax authorities


Distinguished! Our award-winning tax stamp security system allows you to secure tax revenue and safeguard the authenticity of your product.


Sure thing! Protect your brand products against counterfeiting and tampering using labels with mechanical, visual, and digital features.

Security Technology for Banknotes

Banknotes - the premier class for security specialists. Which security features are implemented? A hologram, a thread, a patch, full-surface, or partially metallized? There are many possibilities. There are many possibilities, and we provide all of them. After all, the security features of KURZ banknotes combine the best of all worlds. Based on our modular concept, they can be adapted to a wide range of requirements in terms of design, visual effect, depth, and integration of first-, second-, and third-line security.

  • Products: Our applications, such as patches, make banknotes secure
  • Metallization: We enable different metallization types
  • KURZ technology: KINEGRAM® ensures highly precise and specially designed security effects
  • Application and support: Our experts work with you to develop the ideal security solution

By the way: Our proprietary KINEGRAM® technology is world-leading and has proven itself on billions of banknotes around the world. Unlike conventional holograms, it enables precise directional movement and additional security effects.


Valuable! Discover our security features and KINEGRAM® technology for banknotes in numerous currencies.

Worldwide Circulation

Our banknotes references

Around the globe! Numerous countries around the world trust our modular security system. Browse our references.

Document Security

Whether ID cards, passports, visas, or important certificates - authenticity and counterfeit protection are essential when it comes to authentication and the obligation to provide proof. With OVD KINEGRAM, our subsidiary in Switzerland, and its unique KINEGRAM® technology for visual effects, we are the world market leader for high-security documents such as passports and IDs. We offer you:

  • Embedded patches, thin film and thick film overlays, surface patches, high-security laminates for ID documents
  • KINEGRAM® sets standards in security solutions for passports, IDs, birth certificates, legal documents, visas, driving licenses, and more by means of a tilting effect
  • Proprietary anti-counterfeit technology

Proven! World-renowned and used around the globe for over 40 years: OVD Kinegram technology.

Security References

Our references for documents

International! USA and UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, Norway, and the Netherlands - KINEGRAM® provides security in these and many other countries.

Security Technology for Cards

Bank cards, credit cards, payment cards, prepaid cards, and customer cards, as well as IDs and passports can be found in every wallet and are used billions of times over. Security is essential, especially when it comes to money and authentication. We offer innovative card designs including data storage and smart security features. With our state-of-the-art technology and many years of experience, you are definitely on the safe side.

  • Integrated holograms and magnetic stripe, marking, tipping, cold-indent, and scratch-off features
  • Turnkey solutions and a custom overall concept for your card project
  • Visual enhancement and individual designs
  • Global presence with worldwide customer service
  • Identical quality standards at all international locations

Our Cards

KURZ Card Technology

Multifaceted! Discover our card design selection and see how we achieve new levels of security with visual, haptic, and digital features.

Your Own Card Creation

Create your own card design

Try our design configurator! Explore how you can playfully customize cards according to your preferences.