Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We have been shaping the world of thermal transfer technology for over three decades. From established black labeling to colorful solutions that cleverly accentuate your brand design to counterfeit-proof security marking, we have revolutionized ribbon labeling. The versatility of our Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) portfolio masters every requirement: Whether classic logistics applications, product labels that highlight your corporate design, or those with security features.


Precise Labeling, Effective Communication

With our high-quality thermotransfer ribbons, you can always provide the best possible labeling for your products, ensuring transparency and efficiency along the entire supply chain. You can rely on tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements and excellent printing results. In this way, we create reliable communication within your entire supply chain - regardless of whether paper, cardboard, or plastic is being labeled.

  • Easy to use in almost any established thermotransfer printing system
  • Outstanding results on rough cardboard and paper surfaces as well as on a wide range of different plastic materials
  • Impressive precision even when printing very small barcodes, data matrix, and QR codes
  • Optimal labeling even at high print speeds
  • Remarkable resistance to moisture, wear, temperature, solvents, and sunlight

KURZ Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Protection for your and your customers! Discover our simple and effective product protection with our customized, easy-to-integrate TTR labeling solutions.


Your Brand Image - Brilliant Down to the Smallest Detail

Black is standard, but creativity has color: Colored prints catch the eye and turn prospects into buyers at the POS. With ribbons from our branding range, you can make your product shine - with metallic effects or holographic structures. Design your labels effortlessly and exclusively in your desired colors with our colorful thermotransfer ribbons.

  • Brilliant colors to visually enhance your product appearance - easily achieved with your thermotransfer printer
  • TTR and TTO color catalog with over 100 shades to turn your individual wishes into reality
  • Tailored color adjustment by our development department can match your corporate design
  • Holographic depth effects with a fascinating interplay of colors for breathtaking effects
  • Finishing of your labels with real metallizations - individual and straightforward thanks to thermotransfer printing


Innovative Protection for Your Products

Thanks to our unique TTR security capabilities, you can eliminate substandard counterfeits, protect your brand, and minimize product liability risks. Our TTR Unique UV and TTR Unique VEROSPEC® solutions offer you exceptional options that are as easy to integrate into your process as they are effective. This is because the security elements are applied directly and smartly in the production process. The special labeling is only visible under UV light or with a special reader.

  • Extraordinary security solutions can be easily implemented - without changing your production process
  • Minimizing product liability risks and revenue losses
  • Traceability of your products anywhere along the supply chain
  • TTR Unique UV: Individual UV security feature directly in the ribbon, e.g., in the form of your company logo
  • TTR Unique VEROSPEC®: Thermotransfer solution with unique invisible security feature, only readable with a dedicated reader

Effective Counterfeit Protection

Best practice! Read how a pharmaceutical company on the Ivory Coast benefits from cost-effective and easy-to-integrate counterfeit protection with TTR Unique UV ribbons.