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Future Vision Digital Embellishment: KURZ Highlights Technical Advancements on New LinkedIn Focus Channel


On February 1, 2024, the new LinkedIn focus channel 'KURZ Digital Embellishment Solutions' will be launched. The channel will provide print service providers and converters with exclusive updates and content on digital embellishment technologies. The new channel focuses on technical innovations and new machines from our Business Unit Machines & Application. The aim is to inspire print service providers and converters, to inform them about new solutions from KURZ for the field of digital finishing and to engage in an exchange with each other.

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Medical Technology by KURZ: New website focuses on medical technology


Did you know that we are an expert in developing decorative and functional surfaces for medical technology? From pharmaceutical packaging and laboratory supplies to in-vitro diagnostics and nano-engineering, KURZ has more than 30 years of experience in this field. With our new website, we transparently present our broad portfolio and demonstrate the added value for our customers through best practices and white papers. Read more...

Learn more about the KURZ products in the field of medical technology:

KURZ Captures the Northern Lights: Hot Stamping Highlights for Award-Winning Arctic Blue Gin


‘Spirit of the Year,’ ‘Double Gold,’ and ‘Design Gold’ - these are just a few of the numerous awards that the Finnish distillery Arctic Blue Beverages has garnered for its gin. With increasing fame came growing demand and, ultimately, the desire to create sustainable and modern packaging design. With our innovative hot stamping solutions, we have crafted a visual masterpiece that reflects the mythical Northern Lights with stunning rainbow effects on the gin outer packaging. Discover how our expertise in embossing and holography has created a unique identity for this exceptional gin. Read more.

The Fascination of Vietnam: The New KURZ Calendar 2024


According to tradition, a different country adorns our KURZ calendar every year. It is no coincidence that Vietnamese motifs were chosen for the 2024 finishing. With the Vietnam theme, we want to pay tribute to our new production site, which opened on September 8, 2023 in the Vietnamese province of Binh Dinh.

Are you curious about the production process and which products were used? Here you can get an insight into the production process!

Thermal Transfer (R)Evolution: Our Rebranding Connects Progress with Emotion


Explore the innovative world of LEONHARD KURZ Thermal Transfer Ribbons, and discover how a proven technology reaches new heights! This is visible and tangible in our new passionate rebranding campaign.

For over 30 years, KURZ Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) have embodied user-friendliness, quality, and reliability. The extremely diverse portfolio transforms our color ribbons into more than just a labeling solution.

Your benefits at a glance:

•    Seamless integration of our ribbons into existing labeling and marking systems ensures precise communication throughout the entire supply chain.
•    A wide selection of various ribbon qualities and colors allows for unique labeling and packaging identifications.
•    Invisible security features for maximum product protection with minimal effort, thanks to TTR Unique UV and TTR Unique VEROSPEC®.

Experience the added value of our Thermal Transfer Ribbons and visit us on our new website: KURZ TTR - Thermal Transfer Ribbons for every purpose.

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